• Sialendoscopy


    The endoscopic approach
    to salivary gland ductal pathologies.

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31st International Sialendoscopy Course - Advanced

31st International Sialendoscopy Course - Advanced

From Sep 05, 2018 until Sep 07, 2018

At Chemin de Beau-Soleil 20, 1206 Genève, Suisse


This event is not open to registration for the moment.

The advanced course will start on the 3rd day of the beginner's course thus allowing participants to profit from a whole day of live surgery. On the second day it will cover both pure endoscopic and combined endoscopic-surgical approaches, providing all therapeutic possibilities as well as their complications. Live surgery will be transmitted from 3 international sialendoscopy centers by experts from various continents. Those who have already started practicing sialendoscopy are more than welcome to present their own complicated cases. The 3 rdday will be dedicated to intensive discussions with experts, conferences on advanced issues and controversies, and a video session.